Why is there no MemoTraining available?

Last edited: 2020-09-29 11:23:53 +0200

There may be several reasons why there is no MemoTraining available:

  • You don’t have any finished learning activities yet. Questions only become available in the MemoTrainer after you’ve finished learning activities.
  • Your trainer decided not to make the questions in this course MemoTrainable. To check this, it’s best to contact your trainer.
  • You already did a MemoTraining today, either on your desktop or on the app.
  • You have a retention of (almost) 100%. You have trained so well that the curriculum is now part of your long-term memory. You no longer need to exercise as often as long as your knowledge intake is this high.
  • You have answered almost every question in the last MemoTraining correctly. The questions that you get in your MemoTrainings are being repeated. The intervals between the repeats are getting bigger, so the learning material will be saved in your long-term memory. Because you have answered (almost) every question of the last couple of MemoTrainings correctly, the questions will come back less frequently. Your brain uses this break to sink in the modules. The questions will be repeated again at a later time. This way, the information will stay in your long term memory.
  • In the MemoTrainer settings the box 'exam preparation' has been checked. If this exam date is a date in the past or a date far in the future, no MemoTraining will be available. Click Save and then close the screen to return to your course overview.

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