Problems with the aNewSpring app?

Last edited: 2023-05-23 11:54:54 +0200

If you experience issues with the aNewSpring app, you could take the following steps to solve the problem:

Android devices:

1. Delete the aNewSpring app
2. Install the aNewSpring app again
3. Open the settings of your device and choose Apps
4. Select the aNewSpring app
5. Choose the option Storage and cache
6. Click clear cache and then clear storage
7. Restart your device
8. Start the app

Apple devices:

1. Go to the Settings app
2. Choose General
3. Choose iPhone storage
4. Scroll down and choose the aNewSpring app
5. Choose Delete app in the settings of the aNewSpring app
6. Install the aNewSpring app again
7. Start the app

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